What is the price prediction for tree stock? (2024)

What is the price prediction for tree stock?

TREE Stock 12 Months Forecast

Is TREE stock a good buy?

With a solid Zacks Rank and top-tier Momentum and VGM Style Scores, TREE should be on investors' short list. Each was handpicked by a Zacks expert as the #1 favorite stock to gain +100% or more in 2024. Previous recommendations have soared +143.0%, +175.9%, +498.3% and +673.0%.

What is the target price for TREE?

Stock Price Target TREE
Current Price$40.82

How high will Dollar Tree stock go?

The average price target for Dollar Tree is $152.73. This is based on 17 Wall Streets Analysts 12-month price targets, issued in the past 3 months. The highest analyst price target is $180.00 ,the lowest forecast is $109.00. The average price target represents 20.02% Increase from the current price of $127.25.

Is LendingTree stock a buy or sell?

LendingTree stock has received a consensus rating of buy.

Why invest in trees?

Clean Air. Trees are often referred to as the “lungs of the planet” because they provide so much oxygen to life on Earth. They do this by cleaning the air around us. Trees remove a variety of air pollutants, such as greenhouse gasses, which protects human health and limits the effects of climate change.

What is the yield of Dollar Tree stock?

Historical dividend payout and yield for Dollar Tree (DLTR) since 1971. The current TTM dividend payout for Dollar Tree (DLTR) as of March 19, 2024 is $0.00. The current dividend yield for Dollar Tree as of March 19, 2024 is 0.00%.

What tree is worth the most money?

Table of Cost of Mature Trees
Type of Mature TreeBasic Value per Cubic Inch
Rosewood Tree11.12 per CI
Maple Tree2.44 per CI
Teak Tree8.88 per CI
Cedar Tree3.15 per CI
1 more row

How much is my log worth?

A log is worth as much as someone is willing to pay.

And, if you can't get your logs to the buyer they are worth even less. Especially, if you only have one tree, expect no excitement from someone who normally purchases logs. You won't get a larger purchaser, like a big sawmill, to come out for less than a truckload.

What is the LendingTree stock forecast for 2025?

LendingTree Stock Prediction 2025

The LendingTree stock prediction for 2025 is currently $ 51.67, assuming that LendingTree shares will continue growing at the average yearly rate as they did in the last 10 years. This would represent a 25.05% increase in the TREE stock price.

Should I sell Dollar Tree stock?

Is Dollar Tree stock a Buy, Sell or Hold? Dollar Tree stock has received a consensus rating of buy. The average rating score is and is based on 46 buy ratings, 19 hold ratings, and 1 sell ratings.

Who is the largest shareholder of Dollar Tree?

Vanguard Fiduciary Trust Co. 10.92 %23,798,73110.92 %
Capital Research & Management Co. (World Investors) 8.082 %17,608,6908.082 %
Mantle Ridge LP 5.556 %12,104,3935.556 %
BlackRock Advisors LLC 5.436 %11,844,3155.436 %
6 more rows

Who is the majority shareholder of Dollar Tree?

Top Institutional Holders
HolderSharesDate Reported
Nomura Holdings Inc.10,728,748Dec 30, 2023
Capital International Investors10,581,632Dec 30, 2023
State Street Corporation8,973,532Dec 30, 2023
Edgepoint Investment Group Inc.7,753,566Dec 30, 2023
6 more rows

What company owns LendingTree?

LendingTree, LLC was acquired by IAC/InterActiveCorp (“IAC”) in 2003. On August 20, 2008, Tree.com, Inc. (along with its subsidiary, LendingTree, LLC) was spun off from IAC/InterActiveCorp into a separate publicly-traded company.

Does LendingTree pay a dividend?

The current TTM dividend payout for LendingTree (TREE) as of March 20, 2024 is $0.00. The current dividend yield for LendingTree as of March 20, 2024 is 0.00%.

Is LendingTree a good company?

LendingTree is a Better Business Bureau-accredited company, and the BBB, a non-profit organization focused on consumer protection and trust, gives LendingTree an A+ rating.

What is the best tree investment?

Growing walnut trees can be particularly profitable, as the timber is extremely valuable. Nut breeders have developed new cultivars that yield younger and are hardier.

How do you make money from trees?

Some ways to earn income from the woods:
  1. Permitting hunting or foraging.
  2. Harvesting timber sustainably.
  3. Cultivate and sell non-timber forest products.
  4. Maple syrup.
  5. High-value edible or medicinal mushrooms.
  6. Ginseng, Black Cohosh or other medicinal forest plants.
  7. Firewood.
Sep 29, 2021

Do we make money from trees?

Ways to make money growing trees

Growing fruit trees to harvest their fruits or nuts- selling them directly or converting them into other goods. Growing trees to collect wood for building, furniture, craft projects, etc- either utilizing it to manufacture other things for sale or selling it directly.

Will Dollar Tree stock go up?

As far as the long-term Dollar Tree stock forecast is concerned, here's what our predictions are currently suggesting (these predictions are based on the 10-year average growth of DLTR): Dollar Tree stock prediction for 1 year from now: $ 129.82 (1.87%) Dollar Tree stock forecast for 2025: $ 140.30 (10.01%)

Has Dollar Tree stock ever split?

Has Dollar Tree's stock ever split? Dollar Tree's common stock split 3-for-2 on April 19, 1996, July 22, 1997, June 29, 1998, June 19, 2000, and June 25, 2010, and split 2-for-1 on June 26, 2012.

Is Dollar Tree in debt?

Total debt on the balance sheet as of October 2023 : $10.68 B. According to Dollar Tree's latest financial reports the company's total debt is $10.68 B.

What tree is worth a million dollars?

An African Black Ebony tree from Gabon could be worth a million dollars, if you can find one. Due to its high value many species of Black Ebony are now extinct or on the verge of extinction.

What tree is used to make US currency?

There are no wood fibers or starch in currency paper. Instead, like high quality stationery, currency paper is composed of a special blend of cotton and linen fibers. The strength comes from raw materials continuously refined until the special feel of the currency is achieved.

What tree is worth more than gold?

According to science, which wood is more expensive than gold? Agarwood is the world's rarest and the most expensive variety of wood to be sold. According to Business Insider, one kilogram of agarwood can cost as much as $1,00,000 or Rs. 73,00,000.


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