How much is lounge access at Amsterdam airport? (2024)

How much is lounge access at Amsterdam airport?

KLM Crown Lounges Amsterdam Schiphol

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Can I pay for lounge access at Amsterdam airport?

In most cases, you can directly purchase lounge access when booking your ticket, via My Trip, or during check-in. Note, though: this is based on availability. When purchasing it online, you'll receive a EUR 10 discount! You can also arrange access to the Crown Lounges upon entrance.

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How much does it cost to get into the KLM lounge?

All other passengers can access the Crown Lounges for a fee (EUR 50 for the Schengen Crown Lounge and EUR 65 for the Non-Schengen Crown Lounge). Specific discounts apply to members of Flying Blue, Explorer, and Silver. Moreover, since KLM is as a member of SkyTeam, SkyTeam members can access the lounge.

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Is KLM lounge Amsterdam worth it?

Final Thoughts of KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Amsterdam Airport is crowded and extremely busy, so I was glad I had lounge access with my business-class ticket. Even though the food was disappointing, and the lounge crowded, it was not the worst place to be in the crowded airport.

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Is it worth paying for lounge access?

Airport lounges are generally worth the effort to get in, whether as provided by your airline ticket, credit card or elite status. The benefits are truly there, from the basics like Wi-Fi, clean restrooms, beverages and a place to sit, to sit down meals and premium beverages.

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Can I pay to access a KLM lounge?

Paid Lounge Access is only offered during off-peak hours, meaning not fully occupied by customers with regular lounge access based on their Flying Blue tier level or departure travel class.

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Can you buy lounge access at Schiphol airport?

All travellers, regardless of which airline, frequent flyer programme or class you are travelling in can reserve a spot (for a fee) in the Aspire lounges. The Aspire Lounges contain workstations, free WiFi, newspapers and magazines. You can also enjoy a snack or a drink.

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How to get free access to KLM lounge?

Free access

Visiting the lounges is included with Business Standard and Business Flex tickets. Flying Blue Platinum and Gold members and SkyTeam Elite Plus passengers can visit the lounges as well. They get to bring one guest free of charge.

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Can Delta passengers use KLM lounge?

We are Delta One on our DTW flight into AMS, as well as our AMS flight back to JFK on our trip home. I can access the KLM Crown lounges in AMS both ways via my Platinum status, correct? Yes. Your PM status gets you into the KLM lounges with a +1, even if you were in economy.

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Can I sleep in the KLM lounge Amsterdam?

Catch a snooze in one of the peaceful sleep cabins in our Non-Schengen Crown Lounge. Perfect if you're in between flights or need to pass some time. Our cabins provide an ideal space if you're looking for privacy, a step up in comfort from the regular rest area or just somewhere to lay your head for a minute.

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Is food free in the KLM lounge?

Whether you want to wind down or take a relaxing break in between flights, 'Blue' is the place to be! The lounge offers free food and drinks.

Is there a sleeping lounge at Amsterdam Airport?

Cabins (YOTELAIR-speak for bedrooms) can be booked for as little as four hours or as long as overnight, and for whatever time period you need. You will find us in Lounge 2 of the terminal which is airside after check-in and security.

How much is lounge access at Amsterdam airport? (2024)
How long before flight can I enter KLM lounge?

1.4 You can enter the Lounge at any time before departure, as long as it is on the same day of departure. Be sure to check the opening hours of the Lounge on . 1.5 Once you've purchased Lounge Access, it is not possible to change, transfer, or cancel your reservation.

How much does airport lounge cost?

UK lounges: What do they cost and what facilities do they have?
Heathrow T5Aspire Lounge£40 per adult, £40 child 2+
Manchester T1 and T2Escape Lounge£32 per adult, £20 child 2+
Manchester T31903 Lounge£45 per person (adults only)
StanstedEscape Lounge£32 per adult, £25 child 2+
7 more rows
Jun 16, 2023

Is lounge access only for 2 hours?

Some lounges are open 24/7, but most aren't. A lounge might also limit the length of your visit. Many Priority Pass Select lounges, for example, only allow you to stay for three hours, though the enforcement of such policies varies by location. Some lounges admit only travelers with same-day travel itineraries.

Is everything in lounge free?

Lounges typically set food up in a way where you can help yourself as needed. They often offer free snacks and other food choices, plus drinks, including alcoholic beverages.

How to find KLM lounge in Amsterdam?

The KLM Crown Lounge is located on the second floor of Lounge 2, right opposite the D-Pier (Lounge 25) and opposite the F Pier (Lounge 52). The Aspire Lounges are located on the top floor of Lounge 2 at the E-Pier (Lounge 41), as well as on the second floor of Lounge 1 after security (Lounge 26).

What does KLM lounge offer?

Explore the lounge

Enjoy a magnificent view while sipping on handcrafted co*cktails, wines, refreshing spritzers or artsinal coffee. Book your own personal bubble and catch a well-deserved snooze, far away from the crowds. Take a hot shower in between flights, it works wonders for your mood.

Where to sleep in Schiphol?

Sleep at Schiphol

Whether you'd like to sleep, rest or just freshen-up with a hot shower, pay a visit to either the Mercure Hotel or YOTELAIR. They are both located after passport control and are open all day, every day. Just bring your ticket and passport on the day you land or fly to check in.

How to book a lounge in Amsterdam?

Purchasing Crown Lounge access

In most cases, you can directly purchase lounge access when booking your ticket, via My Trip, or during check-in. Note, though: this is based on availability.

How do I get into the visa infinite lounge at Schiphol?

A Visa Platinum/Visa Signature/Visa Infinite card is enough to enter. You'll need to inform the lounge staff that you are a LoungeKey member. A boarding pass and a form of identification are also required. The name on your card, the boarding pass and the ID must match.

Which Mastercard has airport lounge access?

Which credit cards offer access to Mastercard lounges through LoungeKey? Most Mastercard World and World Elite credit cards offer membership to the LoungeKey airport lounges network.

How do I get economy class lounge access?

Can economy passengers access a lounge? Economy-class passengers can access an airline lounge if they have the proper elite status with the airline, if they purchase a day pass or they can obtain access through a lounge membership program or credit card.

Which bank gives free access to airport lounges?

The Platinum Card® from American Express is the best card for those who want access to an extensive lounge network. With this card, you can access more than 1,400 airport lounges worldwide. Cardholders receive complimentary Priority Pass Select membership, which provides access to over 1,300 lounges worldwide.

How do I get access to my economy lounge?

Use a Credit Card with Airport Lounge Access

A common way many travelers acquire airport lounge access is through their credit cards. Many credit cards in the U.S. offer airport lounge access to specific airline lounges or via a third-party program, such as Priority Pass, at a reduced fee.


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