Can you catch a train from Milan to Lake Como? (2024)

Can you catch a train from Milan to Lake Como?

Take the train from Milano Nord Cadorna direct to Como Nord Lago

Como Nord Lago
Como Nord Lago (Como Lago) is a railway station in Como, Italy. It is located in proximity of the lake and a 5-minute walk to the town centre. › Como_Nord_Lago_railway_station
. The trip takes an hour and is around €13 return. Cadorna is a city metro station so you must buy your tickets at the station just before you travel. From here you can take the ferry to visit other towns on the lake.

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Can you get to Lake Como from Milan by train?

Want to spend some time exploring Italy's third-largest lake and need more information on how to travel from Milan to Lake Como by train? You've come to the right place! Usually, the train from Milan to Lake Como takes just 48 minutes, but can take just 37 minutes on the fastest Trenitalia services.

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Is Lake Como accessible by train?

The best way to reach Lake Como is by train: you can take a train from Milan Centrale Station (Milano Centrale) or Milan Nord Cadorna and get off at Como San Giovanni, Como's main station, or Como Nord Lago.

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Which train station is best from Milan to Como?

The easiest option is to take the train from Milano Centrale to Como S. Giovanni station (40 minutes). From there, you can take the C30 bus* (about 1h 10 min ride) or the boat to Bellagio (1h 30 min - 2h).

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Where does the train drop you off in Lake Como?

Trenitalia run services to Como San Giovanni station, the jumping off point for Lake Como. You can take a Trenord train from Milan Central Station (Milano Centrale) or Milano Porta Garibaldi and get off at Como San Giovanni, Como's main station, or Como Nord Lago.

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How often do trains run from Milan to Lake Como?

38 trains per day

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How much does it cost from Milan to Lake Como by train?

Milan to Lake Como by Train Details

Fares are fixed at the same price, even if purchased on the day of travel. First-class fares on the same trains cost €7.50. Eurocity fares along this route cost from €10.90 when booked in advance or €15 on the day of travel. First-class upgrades start at €1.

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What is the easiest way to get to Lake Como?

Travelling by train is the most convenient, sustainable, and enjoyable way to reach Lake Como from Milan. Tickets from Milan to Lake Como start from just €5 per person. You can book your tickets in advance via Trainline or purchase them directly at one of the ticket machines at the train station.

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Is Lake Como a walkable city?

Como is a walkable location surrounded by picturesque views of lakes and mountains. While you're here, enjoy activities like boating, sunbathing, and simply soaking up the stunning lakeside views. You can learn about the local heritage of Como at top landmarks like Cathedral of Como and Villa Olmo.

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Is Lake Como a day trip from Milan?

Yes, you can do Lake Como in a day. You can choose to take a guided day trip from Milan, or you can explore on your own self-guided tour. With a full day, you will have time to explore up to 3 towns on the shores of Lake Como.

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What is the easiest way to get to Lake Como from Milan?

The best way to see Lake Como from Milan is to catch a train from the Stazione Ferrovie Nord Milano to Como. This station is 5mins walk from the castle in Milan and the train terminates on the lakeside at Como. There are ferries, hydrofoils and buses within yards of the Como railway station.

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How to go to Como from Milan by train?

Frequent Trains from Milan to Como San Giovanni

Both the Regionale and the slightly faster EuroCity trains offer the route between Milano Centrale station and Como San Giovanni station. The trip can take as little as 36 minutes on the EuroCity, and up to 49 minutes on the Regionale trains.

Can you catch a train from Milan to Lake Como? (2024)
How early to get to train station in Milan?

As a general rule, it's a good idea to arrive 20-30 minutes before your train's scheduled departure time so you can get familiar with the station, find the information monitors as well as find your platform without being in a rush.

What is Lake Como train station called?

Como San Giovanni railway station (Italian: Stazione di Como San Giovanni) is the main station serving the city and comune of Como, in the region of Lombardy, northern Italy.

Which side of Lake Como is best?

The western shore of Italy's most celebrated and arguably most beautiful lake, is generally considered the superior one.

How do you get around Lake Como without a car?

  1. Ferry & boat tours. Boat tours are something that I'd definitely recommend to anyone who wants to experience Lake Como at its best. ...
  2. Bus service. Most of the towns around Lake Como are well connected by the local bus service. ...
  3. Train service.

How much is train ride from Milan to Como?

Take the train from Milan to Como in 37 minutes

Tickets from Milan to Como start from $5.88 when you book in advance. If you want to know more about the journey, keep reading for train schedules, tips on finding cheap tickets and FAQs, including first and last train times.

Is ItaliaRail the same as Trenitalia?

ItaliaRail is an official partner of Trenitalia, the national railway of Italy. We are the largest foreign seller of train tickets in Italy. We have direct, real-time connectivity to Trenitalia's schedule and reservation system, allowing us to give you the best fares and most up-to-date availability.

How many hours you need in Lake Como?

If it were up to me, I would recommend visiting the lake for at least 3 or 4 days, choosing from the many activities in the area such as a visit to the most beautiful historic villas, guided nature tours or simply discovering the most picturesque villages on Lake Como.

Is it worth going to Lake Como from Milan?

You'll also need to plan for crowds. Lake Como covers 60 miles, but people pour into the most popular towns, which aren't nearly as big as the lake itself. Furthermore, while you can easily do a day trip to Lake Como from Milan, I personally recommend spending at least one night on the shores of the lake.

Is Lake Como very expensive?

Lake Como is a dream destination that is well known for its luxury accommodation and beautiful lake villas and views. It can be a very expensive place to visit but it doesn't have to be.

How long is the transfer from Milan to Lake Como?

Milan Airport to Lake Como by train

The first option is to take the Malpensa Express and get off at Saronno, where you can change trains to Como Lago Nord station. The journey takes around 1h 30m.

Is Lake Como a must?

Lake Como is a must-visit to add to your bucket list if you love the mountains. Located in northern Italy's Lombardy region, the majestic Bergamo Alps surround the lake. Cloaked in green in summer and white in winter, these peaks provide beautiful scenery all throughout the year.

Is one day enough for Lake Como?

Lake Como is big and with only one day you will not have enough time to see all of it. The “golden triangle” of Bellagio, Varenna, and Menaggio, along with the villas that dot the shore here, are the best part of Lake Como to visit on a day trip, in our opinion.

What is the closest major city to Lake Como?

Situated in the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy, close to the Swiss border, Lake Como is just an hour from Milan and is well connected to it by rail service – both from Como on the southwest corner and from Lecco, Varenna-Esino or Colico on the east side of the lake.


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