Layover Meaning | Layover Flight Vs Connecting Flight - A Guide (2024)

Layover Meaning | Layover Flight Vs Connecting Flight - A Guide (1)

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Wondering what is a layover flight and a connecting flight? And, how are they different from each other? We have got the answers for you.

We understand that flight layovers can be stressful. Some passengers always prefer nonstop flights, even if they’re a little more expensive. But, sometimes it’s just not possible to get the nonstop flights for where you’re going, and the price difference is too huge to justify. That’s why it is always better to know a layover meaning in flight and connecting flight meaning along with the difference between connecting flight vs layover. This will help you handle such stressful situations easily.

What Is A Layover Flight? | Layover Meaning

A layover flight is a flight with a shorter waiting time you spend at the airport between flights. It includes a stop of 30 minutes to 4 hours for domestic flights and up to 24 hours for international flights. During a layover arranged by the airline, you’ll probably be using the same ticket for all flights listed in your itinerary, leaving you with some spare time at the airport.

For example – If you are planning to fly with Emirates from San Francisco to Bangalore, you will most likely have around 1 hour and 45 minutes layover at Dubai International Airport.Here’s a reference to Google Flights to let you understand whats a layover or layover flight meaning in detail –

Layover Meaning | Layover Flight Vs Connecting Flight - A Guide (2)

What Is A Connecting Flight? | Connecting Flight Meaning

A Connecting flight is a flight that flies from one airport to another, with a layover in between to change the airplanes. It means reaching the final destination through two or more flights. The passenger receives a separate boarding pass while check-in for another flight. Here is an example to help you understand what is a connected flight in better ways.

For example – If you want to book Atlanta to Hyderabad flights, you will have to go for a flight with a connection provided by many major airlines.Here’s a reference to Google Flights to help you understand the definition of a connecting flight –

Layover Meaning | Layover Flight Vs Connecting Flight - A Guide (3)
Note – Thinking ‘Do connecting flights wait for their passengers’? If you ever miss your connecting/transfer flight due to any reason, know ‘What happens if I miss my connection flight?’ and travel smoothly.

What Is A Stopover Flight? | Layover vs Stopover

Stopover refers to a break between the flight legs of different connecting flights.

People sometimes mix up stopover and layover, but there’s a big difference – how long the break lasts – the duration of layover time and stopover time. A flight layover is usually shorter than in the case of a stopover.

Tip – Don’t know where to find Flight Number? To locate your flight number, check your booking confirmation email, airline ticket, or boarding pass.

Difference Between Layover And Connecting Flight | Layover Vs Connecting Flights

Definition of Layover – Layover means a flight with a waiting time or a connection point between two destinations or flights.Definition of connecting flight – It is a flight that will make a stop en route, with passengers deboarding the flight and changing services
A flight layover might be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 1 hour.There are multiple flights one after the other with almost no interval in between.
Sometimes, you might have to change your aircraft during a layover while other times you will be required to stay in the same plane.Passengers are required to board a different aircraft and leave the current one to reach their final destination.

When To Book Flights With Long Layovers?

After you get answers to your question as to what is layover or lay over meaning, questions like – Is a 30 minute layover too short or when should you book a flight with long layover must be crossing your mind. Don’t worry! This section has all your answers!

Usually 2-3 hours is the ideal duration for a layover, but very tricky to get the flights with this short layover because most of the times it gets booked out very quickly. On the other hand, if you have a long layover of 4-7 hours, then it is advised to go for airport lounges.

Insight – If your duration is more than 10 hours, you can consider booking overnight layovers and even go for sightseeing in the city or consider sleeping in airports comfortably.

Best Ways To Book A Lay-over Flight

  • Consider booking flights with the same airline or partner airlines.
  • Make sure you book a flight with a much more extended flight lay over if you’ve booked flights with connections with different airlines.
  • Book flights that have at least 2-3 hours of fly layover time. It’s always better to have a flight with a slightly longer layover than a tight time.
  • Being familiar with the connecting/transfer flight procedure well in advance is important when you plan to book flights with a layover.
  • For domestic flights, you can consider booking short layover flights as you will not have to go through security.
  • For international flights, you should book a flight with a connection with a slightly longer layover i.e., at least, with 2 to 3 hours of layover.
  • Some flights come with 4 to 7 or even 10 hours of layover time. You can choose to book a flight with an overnight fly layover in this case.

Tip – Know the advantages of a Round Trip vs One Way Air Ticket when planning your travel to ensure the best value and convenience for your journey.

5 Tips To Prepare For A Very Short Layover Flight

After understanding, the meaning of layover in flight, the next question is how to prepare for one.

If somehow you’ve been sold a flight with a very short layover, meaning layover of 30 minutes to 1 hour, try to contact the airline or alternative airlines to change your flight for a more peaceful and smooth journey. If changing flights is not possible, then here are some tips & tricks on how to prepare yourself for a flight overlay.

  1. Consider Sitting In The Front Left Seats
    Reserving a front left seat on the plane will allow you a much quicker exit so that you can enjoy your short layover more. If you reserve seats at the last, you’ll have to wait at the back of your layover plane while the passengers at the front leave the plane.
  2. Pack Carry-On Luggage Only
    Re-checking your checked luggage, again and again on a layover airport, can be time-consuming. So, to avoid the hassle, consider taking only carry-on luggage on your very short layover flights.
  3. Have Your Meals On The Flight
    To save your time during layover, make sure you’ve eaten something and been to the washroom on a plane layover. It allows you to save some time for yourself.
  4. Learn About The Map Of The Airport
    Knowing about the airport layout well in advance, or about the terminal where your next flight takes off, will help you avoid getting lost at the airport when you have a very short layover time or tight connection time.
  5. Ask For Help From Airport Staff Or Flight Attendants
    You can ask the airport staff or flight attendants about the gate your next flight is taking off from. They will surely help you make your way to your connecting/transfer flight so that you won’t face any hassles.

What To Do During A Long Layover?

Wondering whether you can leave the airport during a long layover flight or not?

The answer is yes! You can leave the airport in case of a longer layover time and visit the country. Make sure you have a 24-hour visa for the country. There are several major airlines that provide you with a free transit visa. You can find this information on the flight terms when you book your air tickets or, you can contact the respective airline for more clarifications.

Having a long layover in flight means you have lots of free time with you. Following are the things you must check and know for a long layover time –

  • Make sure your air tickets include the visitor visa so that you can leave the airport during that time and explore the place.
  • If a visa is not included with the flight tickets, spend your time at the airport and enjoy the facilities the airline offers you at the airport.
  • Always ensure that you are carrying all the necessary travel items with you for a smooth journey.

Tip for Passengers: Planning to leave the airport during your layover. First, know whether can you leave the airport during a layover or not and plan accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a good layover time for international flights?

A: International flights require a longer connecting time. In international travel, you will again have to go through immigration and customs upon arrival on the first flight. For example, book a flight with at least 2 to 3 hours of layover time in case of the same/partner airlines and 4 hours in case of different airlines.

Q: What happens if my first flight gets delayed?

A: If your first flight gets delayed due to some technical or maintenance issues, the airline is liable to help you book another flight. But, it applies only if both the flights are booked on the same ticket or with the same/partner airlines.

Q: Will the airline help me If I miss my connection flight due to a short layover?

A: If you’ve missed your flight because of the delay of the first flight (due to technical reasons), then the airline is responsible to help you book another flight ticket. But, if you miss your connecting/transfer flight because of your own fault, then the airline is not liable to help you re-book your tickets. You have to purchase a new ticket yourself.

Q: Do you go through security again for a connecting flight?

A: It completely depends on the airlines’ policies you are flying with. But, generally, you don’t have to go through security again during your layover for domestic travel. For international flights, you have to go through security again.

Q: When you change planes what happens to your luggage in a connection flight?

A: For domestic flights, if you have booked your flight tickets with the same/partner airline, your luggage will be automatically transferred to the next flight. But, for international flights, you’ll have to claim and re-check your baggage whether the flights are booked with the same/partner airline or different airlines.

Q: Can you leave the airport during a connecting flight?

A: Yes, you can easily exit and re-enter the airport depending on how much time you have between your flights.

Q: What is a self transfer flight meaning?

A: Self transfer flights means taking two or more flights to reach your destination, operated by different airlines (but not always). Additionally, your second flight might depart from a different airport than where you arrived.

Q: What does overnight layover mean?

A: Overnight layover meaning – In simple words, an overnight layover means a layover that happens overnight. Hence, if you go for overnight layovers, you will be catching your flight the next day.

We hope you got all the answers to your queries related to a layover and a connecting flight. So, the next time you book your flights, plan smartly to have a comfortable and hassle-free journey. Have more queries? We, at MyTicketsToIndia, will help you.

Being a leading flight booking agency, we always make sure that our customers get the best services in the market. Our USP is to provide the USA to India flights and back at the cheapest rates possible. Not only this, we strive incredibly hard to resolve all the queries or doubts our clients face while the flight-booking procedures. So, if you’re planning to travel to India from the USA or vice versa, contact our team.

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