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Urgent Care

Convenience is everything these days. In a world where ‘next day shipping’ is being trumped with ‘same day shipping’, who would want to wait several weeks to get into your primary care physician? Enter walk-in clinics, which fall under many different sub-categories including urgent care, pediatric urgent care, retail clinics and more. These convenient care locations offer same day access to qualified providers diagnosing and treating dozens of minor injuries and illnesses. If you’ve asked yourself, “where is there an walk-in clinic near me?,” you’ve come to the right place.

When you need urgent medical care, the last thing you want to do is drive to a nearby urgent care only to find it is closed. Such a frustrating waste of time. Instead, you want to find an urgent care open now. Sometimes "open now" is more important how close the location is, or even if it has great patient reviews or now. All you’re after could be a quick diagnosis and prescription so you can be on your way. Based on your location, here is a list of urgent care centers that are open now. The most relevant, closest and highest rated are automatically listed first for your convenience.

Urgent Care Guide

In a recent survey conducted with the Urgent Care Association, Solv found that patients were waiting an average of 24 days for appointments with their primary care provider. In a world of instant gratification, consumers demand more. They demand now. If you want to watch a movie, you download it in minutes or stream it instantly. If you need groceries, you can pick up your phone and have them delivered to you within the hour. If you need restaurant reservations, you find one with availability, book online, walk in minutes later and sit right down. Healthcare shouldn’t be any different.

That’s why urgent care has been growing at a faster pace than any other healthcare service in the United States. And it is why healthcare consumers search for “urgent care” more than 5x more than “primary care” or “family doctor,” combined. These consumers are highly actionable, searching with high intent terms like “urgent care near me.” They want same day access to quality healthcare providers when they are sick or injured - after hours, one weekends and on holidays - without the cost and inconvenience of the emergency room.

Urgent care centers typically treat minor illnesses like the flu, sinus infections and strep throat, as well as injuries like bone fractures and sprains, cuts, scrapes and burns, making these clinics ideal for diagnosing and treating non-emergent healthcare needs. And at a growing rate urgent care clinics are offering preventative care services including annual physicals and well visits, flu shots and other immunizations and vaccines, taking on the role of primary care provider for the tens of millions of consumers that don’t have one.

For kids there are special pediatric urgent care centers, usually open after hours for patients between the ages of 1 and 18.

Urgent Care Services & Pricing

Urgent care centers, which are part of the walk-in clinic healthcare category, are a convenient resource for consumers needing treatment for minor illnesses and injuries. Services that you would normally receive at your primary care office are usually available at an urgent care including annual and school physicals, flu shots and immunizations, treatment for illnesses including colds, flu stomach pains, sinus and ear infections and more. You can also be seen for injuries such as burns, bites, sprains and breaks - things that you might first thing to go to the emergency room vs urgent care, but you’ll have a shorter wait and smaller bill at the urgent care. As for cost, without insurance, you should expect between $100-140 for your visit, plus the cost of any labs, tests or images. With insurance, urgent care will be similar to seeing a specialist with applicable co-pay.

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Insurance & Payments

Nearly all urgent care centers take commercial insurance and many (if not most) will take medicare. As such if you have insurance coverage, you can expect the financial experience to be similar to visiting a specialist where you have a co-pay, usually $35-50, due at the time of the visit. Any additional lab work, x-rays or other tests performed will be billed against your insurance first and any supplemental balance due will be invoiced to you after the fact. Without insurance, you’ll pay a visit fee between $100-140 at the time of your visit. This is typically 25-50% more than your primary care provider, but usually the convenience is well worth the additional cost. If you are interested in a telehealth or video visit, your cost could be as much as 50% less than an urgent care, you could be diagnosed and prescribed medication and you’ll never have to leave your home.

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    Urgent Care Hours & Wait Times

    Every urgent care center - even those part of the same group or brand - may have different hours. While they are meant to be conveniently accessible during times when your primary care provider is not, that’s subjective and highly variable. A traditional formula, however, is that an urgent care is open 6 to 7 days a week usually between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm. That could shift to nearly any 8-12 hour period between 7 am and 10 pm. You’ll even find some clinics open 24 hours a day, similar to an emergency room. As for wait time, most patients report waiting between 15-45 minutes on average, but that can certainly vary, as well. It’s usually best to find an urgent care near you to either confirm the hours online, or call the clinic directly to verify. Or, you can book a same day doctor appointment online with Solv.

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      Urgent Care FAQs

      • How much will an urgent care visit cost?

        An urgent care visit can typically cost between $100 and $125, although this may vary depending on the location. If you pay with cash, this is the standard cost before any additional services. Additional services like x-rays, lab tests, medications, injections, casting broken bones, stitches and splints can add to the cost. If you have an insurance plan, the cost may be between $20 and $50, depending on your coverage.

      • Are urgent care centers open after hours?

        Most urgent care centers are open after hours, on weekends, and many holidays, typically from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Always be sure to double-check the hours of the urgent care you are wanting to book at, as location-specific hours may vary.

        If you’re wondering how this may compare to a primary care doctor office, most PCP offices are generally open during routine work hours, Monday thru Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

      • Do urgent care centers take appointments?

        Yes, many urgent care centers now offer the option to book an visit. Many urgent care locations allow you to book appointments easily online, either through their website or through a provider like Solv, or by calling the clinic directly.

        Accepting appointments is a relatively new development, as urgent care centers have traditionally been an on-demand, walk-in healthcare service mode.

      • How do I book an appointment online with an urgent care?

        There are two ways you can book an appointment online at an urgent care:

        1. Book an urgent care appointment with Solv: You can use Solv to find a time that fits your care needs and schedule, and book your urgent care appointment directly with the urgent care location of your choice. Solv is a trusted, secure and simple way to manage your healthcare, and appointments can be managed directly through Solv for you and/or your entire family.
        2. Book through the urgent care locations website: To book an appointment online through the urgent care location itself, you will first need to visit the website of the urgent care center and look for an option to book an appointment. You may need to create an account or log in to an existing account. After completing the required steps, you should be able to securely book an appointment online. If you are having trouble booking an appointment, you can also call the urgent care center to make an appointment over the phone.
      • How can I find an urgent care who takes my insurance?

        Using Solv, you can easily find walk-in or urgent care locations near you, many of which accept most major commercial insurances. To find an urgent care center that takes your insurance, you can easily see the accepted insurance by viewing the urgent care clinic page. If you are still unsure if the urgent care location takes your insurance, it is best to contact the urgent care center directly for clarification.

      • Do urgent care centers offer virtual visits or telemedicine?

        Yes, many urgent care centers offer virtual visits or telemedicine services. These virtual visits are generally booked online in advance, or on-demand.

        It’s important to note that telemed or virtual visit services are only available to residents and visitors of the state the urgent care center is located within.

        To find a telemed urgent care or an urgent care virtual visit on Solv, simply select the “telemedicine” service filter at the top of the urgent care listings, or by looking for the clinics with a video icon.

      URGENT CARE Near Me: Find and Book an Urgent Care Visit Today! | Solv (1)

      Medically reviewed by Dr. Rob Rohatsch, MD

      Updated on Jun 25, 2024

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