[Mod] XR Ship Pack - 6.0 ready! (2024)

X:R Ship Pack


The X:R Ship Pack includes 48 ships from X:Rebirth (or ships, built up by X:R parts). Some of the imported ships have different roles or names than in X:Rebirth.


  • Arawn Carrier(Argon only)
  • Scaldis Carrier (Antigone only)
  • Taranis Battleship (Argon only)
  • Avenger Mk1 Battleship (Antigone only)
  • Avenger Mk2 Battleship (Antigone only)
  • Balor Destroyer(Argon only)
  • Excalibur Destroyer(Antigone only)
  • Merlin Destroyer(Antigone only)
  • Titurel Fortified Transport (Argon only)
  • Sanahar Giant Transport (Antigone only)
  • Sulaco Giant Asteroid Miner
  • Fedhelm Interstellar Asteroid Miner
  • Hermod Interstellar Gas Miner
  • Arrakis (Argon only)
  • Braveheart (Antigone only)
  • Polaris Gas miner (Antigone only)
  • Polaris freighter (Antigone only)
  • Rahanas Gas miner (Antigone only)
  • Rahanas freighter (Antigone only)

Holy Order/Godrealm:

  • Shark Destroyer (Godrealm only)
  • Sucellus Battleship(Godrealm only)
  • Executioner Battleship(Holy Order only)
  • Erebos Mothership Carrier (Holy Order only)
  • Doomhammer Destroyer (Holy Order only)
  • Lyranea Super Freighter (Holy Order only)
  • Stargazer Destroyer(Holy Order only)
  • Boann Giant Gas Miner
  • Dreadnought (Godrealm only)
  • Mirage (Gas) (Godrealm only)
  • Mirage (Mineral) (Godrealm only)
  • Klendathu destroyer (Godrealm only)
  • Terror battleship (Holy Order only)


  • Scylla Battleship
  • Kraken Battleship
  • Comet Destroyer
  • Event Horizon Giant Gas Miner
  • Millenium Megatrans as XL freighter
  • Harvester (Gas)
  • Harvester (Mineral)
  • Starlifter freighter
  • Ragnarokh destroyer


  • Razorback Battleship
  • Hurricane Destroyer
  • Astral L Transport
  • Astral L Mineral Miner
  • Astral L Gas Miner


  • Q XL Destroyer


  • Queen

Patreon support:
If you want to support me you can now be my patreon [Mod] XR Ship Pack - 6.0 ready! (1) https://www.patreon.com/user?u=52126891 ... nding=true

(Screenshots of each ship in the second post)

All ships should be balanced to standard X4 balancing EXCEPT that the ships do have more turrets than the average X4 ship of the same class. To compensate the firepower the ships do have less Health and/or are more expensive.

  • The AI should build all ships as well.
  • All ships need some license to be built.

As long as I have fun with it, I will import more ships.

Known Bug

  • When you move on a dock of a new ship, the stairways to the door is visually blocked by a texture of the ship. But you can move through it without a problem. This can only be fixed by changing the model itself and would take a lot of time, so I think I will let it as it is. Alternatvely press shift + D and select the co*ckpit or ship you want to go.

Suggested mods:

if you like better balancing of X4 I suggest VRO mod:

and the XR Ship Pack VRO submod for a VRO balance of the ships in this mod:

and on top of these, I also suggest my Weapon Pack mod which works pretty well with VRO:



  • Most shipgroup values have been adjusted to match 6.0 values (defines the quantity relation of different ship types of different ship classes)
  • ONLY if you use VRO -> now VRO battleships will no longer be removed (now all battleships of VRO are unique and of high quality)
  • Scaldis Carrier is now Antigone instead of Godrealm (Arawn is now only built by Argon Federation)
  • Omicron Destroyers (Stargazer and Doomhammer) are not built by AI anymore but can still be purchased (they looked not good enough and new paranid ships look much better)


  • Fixed collision models of all ships thx a lot to Shuulo and Aranov
  • Slightly repositioned large turret on Centaur
  • Increased tolerance of automatic docking
  • Fixed Millenium cargo drones and improved repair drones waypoints


  • Added new tags for turrets and shields for all ships (introduced in 5.0)
  • Fixed missing "$" in paranid script
  • Fixed missing angle log message for Khaak turret
  • Fixed some more log messages


  • Added new engine tag for all ships
  • Fixed Klendathu collision log spam
  • Fixed Klendathu large turret position clipping


  • Fixed paintjob texture on Scylla appearing at distance
  • Fixed paintjob texture on Mirage (solid) appearing at distance
  • Updated japanese language (thanks to Arkblade)


  • GOD paranid ships Sucellus, Klendathu, Centaur, Mirage are now terran ships (with adjusted construction costs)
  • Added Aurora and Calypso as large HOP paranid transport ships
  • Fixed wrong blueprint names for some teladi ships
  • Adjusted paranid ship quantities for AI jobs so the new paranid ship models will be used more often
  • Fixed name Millenium -> Millennium
  • Moved docks on Dreadnought a but higher to get rid of the hull texture inside dock area stairs


  • Added russion language (thx to alexalsp)
  • Fixed error message "could not find a valid meshsource for mesh" for Lyranea


  • Slightly increased speed of Rahanas (Transport)
  • Fixed one shield position on Rahanas (Transport)
  • Fixed/Added missing shield on Terror medium turret group
  • Fixed missing s-dock capacity on Terror
  • Fixed most error messages on Arakis ship model
  • Fixed all Boundingbox is invalid/empty for geometry ... errors
  • Fixed error for not unique split texture


  • Added french language file (thanks to Anthoam for delivering the translation file)
  • Added spanish language file (thanks to danigonfor for delivering the translation file)
  • Ajusted/Fixed several values for innertia, mass and turn speeds of several ships
  • Court jobs will now be only activated through storyline (dont know if that effects old saves)
  • Removed missile capacities for Astrals
  • Increased missile capacities on Braveheart
  • Added visible bridge on Rahanas (Gas and Transport) (thx to LucianDragos)


  • Added japanese language file (thanks to Arkblade for delivering the translation file)
  • Added chinese language file (thanks to 某不珂学的超维内托 for delivering the translation file)
  • Fixed no ship selection voice for Klendathu and Terror
  • Added highpower large turret tags to Dreadnought
  • Increased Rahanas (Gas) S ship storage to 8 (from 4)
  • Fixed capital ship license as requirement for Klendathu
  • Fixed wreckage size of Braveheart
  • Fixed Klendathu had no S dock


  • Fix (workaround) for PAR/HOP building ships even after Trinity was united (this workaround removes extra jobs at 100/200 in game hours for them until I find a good way to fix this)
  • Fix (hopefully) Trinity extra jobs will start only after finishing the story line


  • Added HOP/GOD ships to Trinity and added extra jobs for battleships
  • Added XR ships to pirate/neutral factions
  • Added some more battleship and carrier groups to Terrans and Pioneers (to match other races jobs) (as usual.. most are started after 100/200 in game hours)
  • Gave all battleships at least some highpower tags (necessary for VRO extra strong large turrets) to be fitted
  • increased Khaaks M-turret speed and hull points
  • removed docking point on Khaak model (hopefully this helps in rare performance drops for some players)


  • Added Braveheart as Argon (Ant) missile destroyer
  • Added Polaris as large Argon (Ant) freighter
  • Added Polaris (Gas) as large Argon (Ant) gas miner
  • Added Rahanis as large Argon (Ant) freighter
  • Added Rahanis (Gas) as large Argon (Ant) gas miner
  • Added Khaak Queen as destroyer (will spawn to defend Khaak installations or roam around the universe - it should not spawn at miners [not yet])
  • Added Arrakis as Argon (Arg) large destroyer
  • Added Harvester (Gas) as large Teladi miner
  • Added Harvester (Mineral) as large Teladi miner
  • Added Starlifter as large Teladi transport
  • Added Ragnarokh as heavy Teladi destroyer
  • Added Dreadnought as Paranid (Par) extralarge battleship
  • Added Terror as Paranid (Hol) battleship
  • Added Mirage (Gas) as Paranid (God) large gas miner
  • Added Mirage (Mineral) as Paranid (God) large miner
  • Added Klendathu as Paranid (God) L destroyer
  • Terror replaces Thanatos (AI wont build Thanatos anymore, but the ship stays in game to stay compatibile with older saves)
  • In the name list on the map "Gas" or "Mineral" were added for better visibility for all XR miners
  • Adjusted ship production components for all ships to match 4.0 economy (selling XR ships to AI should give the same margins as vanilla ships now)
  • Increased speed and agility of Kraken
  • Changed dock position for Excalibur
  • Changed name of Shark to Centurion
  • Changed weapon and main shield positions on PAR Shark (now Centurion) destroyer
  • Increased missile capacity on Centurion
  • Increased price of Xenon Q
  • Added a third weapon to Paranid Doomhammer
  • Adjusted all gas miners to 4.0 changes (no gather rate anymore)
  • Fixed several log errors
  • Fixed wrong alignment of bottom M turrets on Titurel
  • Fixed docking procedure when loading/unloading the Titurel
  • Fixed several log errors
  • Just in case you wanna support me, you can now become my patreon =) (see mod page if interested)


  • Adjusted hull values for most military ships
  • Added Japanese text file (thx to Arkblade)
  • Increased speed of Astral
  • Increased capacity of Astral Asteroid Miner (42k -> 50k)
  • Slightly reduced speed of Hermod and Fedhelm


  • Added Hurricane as new Split destroyer
  • Added Astral Mineral Miner as new Split large solid miner
  • Added Astral Gas Miner as new Split large gas miner
  • Added Astral Transport as new Split large transport
  • Added Q as new Xenon destroyer
  • Fixed Teladi Millenium wasnt built by AI
  • Renamed split Battleship to Razorback (hopefilly last name change [Mod] XR Ship Pack - 6.0 ready! (2))
  • Removed variant suffix in name for all military ships
  • Reduced price for Fedhelm and Hermod by 30%
  • Added 2 medium mining turrets to Fedhelm


  • Some jobs for new battleships and carriers were deactivated forever while they should activate after 100/200 in game hours
  • Improved texture colors on Event Horizon
  • Slightly inreased chances for AI ships to use their standard paint jobs with less colors (weight changed from 3 to 4 (vanilla is often 5 or 4))
  • Added Korean language (thx to Merhaf)
  • Updated Japanese language (thx to Arkblade)
  • Replaced Shark co*ckpit position to the front


  • Fixed texture flickering on Sucellus
  • Changed many textures to look better on default color schemes
  • Improved paintjob colors on Millenium and Sanahar
  • Renamed Red Knight to Alpha-Omega


  • Note: I added paintmods for nearly all ships. This means that the default color schemes of the ships have been changed and in general look not as good as before (with default paint jobs).
    However with the right paintjob the ships can look more beautyful. I suggest using the "Paintjobs For Sale" mod to color your ships if you are unhappy with the standard painting.
  • Changed Red Knights texture to vanilla Split texture
  • Added paintjobs for ALL ships (except Fedhelm and Hermod because it is not possible)
  • Added Paranid ships to Trinity (not tested)
  • Increased chances for AI to use their paintjobs


  • fixed wrong naming of blueprints for Fedhelm and Hermod (switched them)
  • improved docking at Arawn Mothership for S ships. Also added missing S-docks (I removed them in earlier versions because ships could get stuck in docking procedure which is now fixed *hopefully*)


  • lowered amount of Xenon fighters for escort groups of frigates (from 10 to 6) and fighter patrols (from 6 to 5)
  • fixed split Red Knight battleship buyable from every race if you dont own Split Vendetta DLC to prevent players to build/buy it (if you have built/bought it already and cant move it you need to destroy it or reload)


  • added Red Knights to fallen split empire (for DeadAir Mods)
  • fixed floating modules on Executioner
  • repositioned docks on Red Knight so the teleport panel is better visible
  • added japanese language (thx to Arkblade)
  • merged XRebirth high detailed textures into the mod (so no need to use the XRebirth mod for this anymore which makes sense because its only available on Nexus and who knows for how long. Credits go to: snackynak)


  • fixed wrong bridge type for Red Knight
  • slightly repositioned Erebos and Executioners bridges


  • reduced spawn chances for Arawns and Erebos
  • fixed positions of co*ckpits for Kraken and Scylla
  • repositioned many modules including all docks on Scaldis
  • added missing shield for front turret on Scaldis
  • fixed wrong bridge on Erebos and Executioner


  • increased prices of most XL ships (nearly all combat ships)
  • moved S docks from Arawns wings into the center docking area of the ship
  • moved M docks from Arawns wings to upper part
  • reduced split fighter escorts number for battleship groups
  • increased speed and agility of Hermod and Fedhelm
  • increased gather rate and capacity of Hermod liquid miner
  • slightly increased speed of XL miners (gas and mineral)
  • slightly increased gather rate of XL miners (gas and mineral)
  • fixed wrong category of Fedhelm
  • fixed Scaldis has no missile storage
  • repositioned 2 L-shields and co*ckpit on Titurel
  • renamed some ships: Hercules -> Boann, Inquisitor -> Thanatos, Starcatcher -> Erebos, Challenger -> Sanahar, Destiny -> Lyranea, Devastator -> Sucellus
  • fixed drone waypoints for Arawn, Taranis, Sanahar, Erebos, Lyranea
  • added german translation (thanks to Le Leon, also for name suggestions)


  • fixed a bug which destroyed all battleship jobs in combination with VRO mod
  • reduced battleship generation jobs at universe start per faction. Now 4-5 will be spawned, additional 4-5 will be built (8-10 were spawned before)


  • after a developer hint that the timers I used for my jobs to start later in the game dont work, I decided to script a trigger that will start the jobs after some game time (100 hours and 200 hours)
  • lowered Xenon I's spawns at start of the game. They will start building more I's after 100 hours and after 200 hours even more


  • fixed a bug that court (split faction) jobs spawned at the start of the game while they should be supressed by some story script - this could result in a destruction of the first fleet without the player doing anything


  • Red Knight is now a Split battleship (if you dont own Vendetta you should not be able to buy it anymore)
  • added split jobs for battleship production (if you dont own Vendetta you should not see any more Red Knights beeing built by Paranid)
  • fixed some weapon groups had mixed turret tags
  • added medium shield to Sharks bottom turret group
  • added turret group with 3 turrets to Shark destroyer
  • rotated front weapons of Devastator to match its visual better
  • now when the player clicks on an XR ship in space, its ship class will be spoken (for example "Battleship"). This comes at the cost of double ship class text in build menu (like "Taranis Linebreaker Battleship - Battleship")


  • added Destiny as Paranid XL freighter (HOP only)
  • the argon Fedhelm is now an L solid miner -> reequip it with a mining turret and mining drones and give it new orders to make it work
  • fixed Comet's S-ship storage
  • slightly increased Challenger's storage capacity
  • fixed S-ship capacity 14 and 18 was switched (ships which should have 14 had 18 and vice versa)
  • textures for paranid (xr omicron ships) ships brightened up a bit
  • fixed some detail textures on Excalibur were not visible


  • moved bridge of Comet so the ship wall should not be inside the bridge anymore
  • fixed buildtime of a ship that was just 1 second (without modules)
  • fixed prices and buildtime for Kraken that was the same as the Scylla
  • fixed silhouette of Avenger Mk2 on map (front was missing)
  • fixed missing front details on Avenger MK1 and Mk2 (docking door was missing)
  • added build modules to all carriers, so they can resupply/modify and repair docked ships
  • adjusted prices of all ships - many ships cost less hull parts but more energy cells to compensate


  • added Challenger as xl Argon transport
  • Titurel is now only available by Argon Federation, Atlantis only Antigone Republic
  • removed extra red engine glow on Arawn and Taranis
  • slightly increased hull of Scaldis Carrier
  • fixed LOD bug of Kraken (wrong alignment)
  • fixed no silhouette on map for Titurel (LODs 1-2 were missing)
  • slightly increased speed of Titurel
  • slightly increased storage capacities of Titurel and Millenium
  • increased crew numbers of XL freighters to be more like vanilla crew numbers for transports
  • reduced cost of Millenium due to its 9 XL engines (player needs to buy them anyway)
  • Paranid L freighters got a small storage capacity buff because they are the only faction that does not have XL freighters


  • added Kraken as Teladi battleship
  • added Comet as Teladi destroyer
  • added Millenium Megatrans as Teladi XL freighter
  • added Executioner as Paranid battleship
  • added Merlin as Argon destroyer
  • added Stargazer as Paranid destroyer
  • repositioned all modules on Excalibur to fit the shape and texture of the ship better
  • added 1 L-sized turret to Excalibur, slightly increased price
  • removed 1 L-sized shield from Doomhammer, slightly reduced hull and price
  • fixed Starcatcher blueprint had the same name as Inquisitor blueprint
  • fixed Scylla had no ship storage
  • slightly increased speed of Titurel and Hercules
  • Titurel got 1 extra XL shield while 2 L shields were removed
  • slightly increased cargo capacity of Titurel
  • slightly balanced some agility/speed values of some some ships
  • removed 6 M-sized turrets from Teladi Scylla battleship
  • balanced drone capacities for some xl combat ships
  • balanced missile capacities for some xl combat ships
  • slightly increased hull value for Starcatcher
  • slightly increased price for Avenger Mk 2
  • fixed some shipgoups (some ships were built by the wrong race and some not at all)
  • xl freighters now need capital ship license
  • some minor fixes


  • fixed Fedhelm had the wrong cargo type
  • increased cargo capacity of Scaldis


  • fixed some hull values (forgot to change them back after testing)


  • fixed a turret group on Avenger Mk2


  • added Avenger MK2 as Argon battleship
  • added Starcatcher as Paranid Mothership carrier
  • added Doomhammer as Paranid destroyer
  • added variation to all destroyer, battleship and carrier jobs so AI ships should use more different turrets (wip)
  • extra build jobs for AI for battleships/carriers start later now (from 20 to 100 and from 50 to 200 hours in game time)
  • added individual storage for each ship - in general they are lower for combat ships now (except carriers)
  • improved texture for Inquisitor
  • increased speed and agility of Taranis
  • increased S-ship capacity of Taranis
  • changed 2 L-turrets on Avenger to M turrets
  • fixed wreckage texture of Avenger Mk1
  • fixed Balors middle dock part - should be visible from more distant now
  • changed position of some docks on Arawn
  • most combat ships are now faction specific: Argon (Balor, Taranis), Antigone (Excalibur, Avenger MK1, Avenger MK2), Paranid (Shark, Devastator, Skaldis, Red Knight), Holy Order (Doomhammer, Inquisitor, Starcatcher)
  • added XS docks to all ships so the player can leave the ship directly
  • fixed Alliance could build Teladi ships while it is a Paranid faction


  • fixed some jobs for the AI spawn mechanic (missing references or tags)
  • removed unused m-dock files
  • removed wrong engine group from titurel (was only in the file and has no effect at all)
  • fixed waypoints for Inquisitor, Avenger and Hermod so they can dock properly without clipping
  • removed some empty references
  • added more individual and smaller S ship storages so most ships have much lower ship capacities (for example destroyers around 6-10, battleships around 10-20)


  • added Avenger as Argon battleship
  • fixed some floating modules on Red Knights wings
  • removed unused effects amd particle files
  • lowered agility of L sized ships
  • argon ships are now available at antigone yards
  • increased drone capacity of Taranis


  • battleships have now their own spawn/build jobs for the AI (some starting after 20 and 50 in game hours)
  • increased number of fighters spawned by the AI
  • increased and added some Xenon groups to better match battleship groups
  • adjusted speed, mass and agility values across the board -> battleships are slower and less agile now
  • reduced costs for Fedhelm and Hermod
  • increased costs for Red Knight
  • increased costs of Arawn
  • reduced costs of Taranis
  • Hermod changed to gas miner
  • added (Gas) or (Mineral) to the ship name for the mining ships
  • added a bridge to Balor
  • added 3 medium shields to Scyllas engine group
  • slightly lowered hull of Event Horizon
  • increased hull of Excalibur
  • fixed added Countermeasure to Inquisitor
  • fixed Excalibur model to not show properly at distance
  • fixed wreckages for Excalibur, Red Knight and Inquisitor
  • fixed position of co*ckpit of Event Horizon (was inside model)


  • added Inquisitor Battleship
  • added Excalibur as heavy destroyer
  • fixed M-docks not working on Arawn
  • fixed Hermod not beeing able to trade
  • fixed HOP and Antigone Republic not building any new custom ships
  • fixed a lot of docking problems by adding more space between dockareas (Balor, Scaldis, Arawn, Devastator)
  • all battleships (except Taranis) should now store 20 S ships


  • added Fedhelm as large Transport
  • added Hermod as large Transport
  • fixed wrong alignment of Event Horizon
  • fixed a typo
  • fixed (finally!!!) all ships can now use layout presets correctly (for example "high preset")
  • Balor: added l-shield to the engine and the large turret; removed 2 M-turrets on top and 2 on bottom; added L shield to engine group
  • Shark: repositioned front weapon; changed 2x2 S-dock to a single S-dock; reduced agility a bit
  • Devastator: removed 3 M-turrets; removed one L-weapon slot (it had 4 but should have only 3); changed 2x2 S-dock to 2 single S-docks
  • Red Knight: changed 2 XL-shields into L-shields; removed 2 L-turrets; removed 6 M-turrets; slightly increased costs
  • Arawn: changed turret layout; removed 5 M-turrets; added 2 L-shields to engines
  • Event Horizon: removed 3 M-turrets; changed some turret placements
  • Hercules: removed 1 M-turret
  • Scaldis: removed 14 M-turrets
  • Titurel: slightly reduced top speed

  • added Hercules Megaliner as XL gas harvester
  • added Event Horizon as XL gas harvester
  • added Sulaco Depp Space Miner as XL solid Miner
  • fixed missing meshresources for some effects
  • fixed content.xml (version will now be displayed and the tag save is set to true

  • added Scylla as Paranid Battleship
  • moved Arawn docking pads to the side wings to fix AI ships not beeing able to dock
  • moved many subparts of arawn a bit so flickering should be fixed
  • increased prices for some ships to compensate their firepower

  • Removed unused and buggy texture library file

  • Fixed the broken wares.xml. So ships are available again
  • Added ship storages to scaldis and repositioned some docks
(was broke)

  • Added Titurel and Scaldis

  • Removed all references to RoR mod and removed all unused assets. RoR should be compatible now.

  • Initial release with 6 ships (2L, 4 XL)

Download Link on Nexus:
Downloadl Link on Steam:
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... 1905655811

Thanks to all who helped me to bring these ships into the game (thx for the nigh session BrummBear [Mod] XR Ship Pack - 6.0 ready! (3) and thx to you sco1981 for letting me take parts of your already imported ships and thx to UniTrader for his build animation script fix and thx to mewosmith for his support as well as SirFrancisDrake for helping me).


The ship models are ported from X: Rebirth. I have not created them. The rights belong to Egosoft.

Some ships are ported over and edited from Lost Sector XR Mod created by KrYcHokE. He gave his permission to use his work. Thank you for your work!

XR Ship Pack (adds several ships from XR) Link
Weapon Pack (adds several new weapons) Link
Economy Overhaul (expands the X4 economy with many new buildings) Link
X4 Editor (view stats of objects and make your own mod within a few clicks) Link

[Mod] XR Ship Pack - 6.0 ready! (2024)
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