MinuteClinic mental health services launch at CVS Pharmacy locations in the Los Angeles Metro Area (2024)

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Mental health counseling available in select MinuteClinic locations and virtually for all California residents

WOONSOCKET, R.I., April 19, 2023 — MinuteClinic®, the medical clinic located inside select CVS Pharmacy stores, today announced it has launched mental health counseling and care services at six MinuteClinic locations in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

As recently as February 2023, more than 30% of adults in California reported symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. And Californians struggle to get the help they need. More than 9.3 million people in California (PDF) live in a community that doesn’t have enough mental health professionals.

To help alleviate the stress many people face when considering therapy, MinuteClinic has added Licensed Mental Health Providers (LMHPs) to its staff at the following locations in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside counties:

  • Long Beach:233 East Willow Street
  • Los Angeles:10889 Wellworth Avenue
  • Rancho Cucamonga: 11428 Kenyon Way
  • Riverside: 491 E Alessandro Boulevard
  • Santa Clarita: 25880 McBean Parkway
  • Thousand Oaks: 2791 Agoura Road

Through these expanded MinuteClinic services, individuals can receive mental health assessments, referrals, counseling and personalized care plans in-person or via virtual care, with appointments available days, evenings and weekends. To learn more and schedule an in-store or virtual care appointment, individuals can call 1-855-417-2486 or visit CVS.com/MentalHealth. Private consultation rooms are used for in-person sessions, and virtual services are available to all California residents.

“With the addition of these new services at MinuteClinic, we’re now able to offer the community an innovative, convenient approach to managing mental health in easy-to-access locations near where our customers live, work and shop,” said Angela Patterson, DNP, FNP-BC, NEA-BC, FAANP, Chief Nurse Practitioner Officer, Retail Health, and Vice President, CVS Health. “As a leading health solutions company, we continue to prioritize intervention and longitudinal health care. LMHPs are key to our care delivery strategy to provide better access to mental health care in our communities.”

MinuteClinic mental health counseling services are available for patients ages 18 and older, making these new community services an approachable resource for young adults. A recent study conducted by CVS Health and Morning Consult revealed that 74% of respondents ages 18 to 34 experienced mental health concerns for themselves, families or friends, reflecting a 12% increase compared to 2020. The services are also another option for older adults who might want more convenient access to care. According to new Harris poll data from the CVS Health report “Health Trends: The Future of Healthy Aging” released this week, just four in 10 Americans ages 65 and up have tried to access mental health care — compared to 75% of those younger than 65.

Patients interested in the new mental health counseling services can expect:

  • An introductory conversation:During the initial assessment, a LMHP will help assess an individual’s current situation and explore potential options for care.
  • Personalized care planning: The LMHP will create an individualized care plan with the goal of improving an individual’s mental health and total wellbeing.
  • Counseling services for continual support: Ongoing counseling sessions with a LMHP are available to help address each individual’s areas of concern, including stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Navigation & collaboration: If an individual has a need for higher levels of care, the MinuteClinic LMHPs will work with a local provider network based on the individual’s health care plan and coverage status. They will assist with finding an appropriate specialist and collaborate with the individual’s existing providers, when appropriate.

In addition to the six California MinuteClinic locations offering mental health counseling with a LMHP, nurse practitioners and physician assistants at all MinuteClinic locations inside CVS Pharmacy stores in the state can also offer a depression screening. Common depression symptoms that may warrant a screening include fatigue, loss of interest or pleasure in daily life, sleep problems and sadness or grief. Following the screening, patients in need of additional care can be referred to a mental health provider at MinuteClinic or elsewhere.

Anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts, substance use, a mental health crisis or emotional distress is encouraged to call/text 988 on their phone. The national Suicide & Crisis Lifeline offers immediate 24/7 call, text and chat access to trained crisis counselors who can help.


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MinuteClinic mental health services launch at CVS Pharmacy locations in the Los Angeles Metro Area (2024)
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