Alex Lehnert Bio, Age, Height, Fox 9, Net Worth, Salary, Husband (2024)

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Alex Lehnert Bio, Age, Height, Fox 9, Net Worth, Salary, Husband (1)

Alex Lehnert Biography | Wiki

Alex Lehnert is a famous American meteorologist, reporter, and weather forecaster, a reporter for the KMSP Fox 9 News Minneapolis, USA. She joined the Fox 9 News team in 2018. Before joining Fox 9, Lehnert was working for KPTM Omaha. In addition to that, Alex began her career as a reporter, anchor, and weather forecaster at KTWO-Casper, WY, where she did remain for a duration of 3 years until 2016. Following her time at KTWO, she made the decision to join KPTM-Omaha, NE.

Alex Lehnert Age

How old is Alex Lehnert? She is a beautiful and accomplished American meteorologist who does a remarkable and wonderful job. However she is a very secretive person, therefore she has not revealed to the public her date of birth.

Alex Lehnert Height

How tall is Alex Lehnert? Based on her physical appearance from her beautiful photos, Alex stands at an average and moderate body measurement height that is approximately 1.68 meters or 5ft and 6 inches.

Alex Lehnert Weight

She also has a moderate body measurement weight by the appearance of her photo. Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact measure,ment of her weight but we intend to update you soon.

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Alex Lehnert Family | Parents

Lehnert was born and brought up in the United States to loving and caring parents. She did express her Father’s Day greetings to her dad by posting a photo of him on social media. Additionally, she often shares enjoyable moments of her siblings participating in various family gatherings. Unfortunately, despite our thorough investigation, we were unable to gather any public information about her family. As a result, the identities of Lehnert’s parents remain unknown at this time. If any updates regarding this information become available, we will promptly update this section.

Alex Lehnert Education

In 2009, Alex enrolled at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she pursued her studies in journalism and successfully earned a degree upon graduation.

Alex Lehnert Fox 9 News | Career

Since her childhood, Alex had a clear aspiration of becoming a meteorologist, and she began pursuing her dream after completing her education at the University of Colorado. Her professional journey commenced in Casper, Wyoming, where she held various roles such as reporter, anchor, producer, editor, and weather forecaster. Subsequently, she relocated to Fresno, California, where she continued to report and forecast the weather.

During her career, Lehnert did serve as an intern at KDVR Fox 31 from January 2013 to June 2013. In June 2013, she joined KTWO Tv as a reporter and anchor, fulfilling responsibilities such as filling in as sports and also weather anchor. However, her commendable work on stories obtained her awards, and she even brought in the prestigious title of Employee of the Year while working in Fresno.

In addition, apart from her professional endeavors, She enjoys making the most of outdoor activities as weather conditions permit. Alex relishes spending time outdoors with her companion, Fin, engaging in activities like hiking, camping, paddle boarding, and cross-country skiing. During the winter season, She volunteers with the Courage Kenny Ski program at Hyland. Additionally, she commits a significant amount of time to painting and exploring culinary experiments in the kitchen.

Alex Lehnert’s Net Worth

How much does Alex Lehnert make? Lehnert is a famous American meteorologist, reporter, and weather forecaster whose net worth ranges from $ 1 million to $ 5 million.

Alex Lehnert Salary

The annual salary that she receives per year is approximately $ 40,000 – $ 110,500.

Alex Lehnert Husband | Spouse

Is Alex Lehnert married? Lehnert is joyfully married to her spouse, by the name of Vanorvo. They however exchanged vows on September 24th, 2021. While she hasn’t disclosed extensive information about her partner, she did reveal their engagement in 2020 on the 23rd of May 2020. The couple frequently attends numerous occasions together, including vacations, weddings, and football games. Furthermore, Lehnert shares glimpses of their shared moments by posting pictures of them on her Instagram account.

Alex Lehnert Children | Kids

Lehnert and her lovely husband have been blessed with a lovely child who was born in 2022 on the 3rd of February. However, details about her child are not available.

Where is Alex Lehnert now?

She is currently working for Fox 9 News as a meteorologist.

Alex Lehnert Bio, Age, Height, Fox 9, Net Worth, Salary, Husband (2024)
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