Alex Fox warms up the new Field House stage with fiery Flamenco and romantic ballads - Babco*ck Ranch Telegraph (2024)

Alex Fox warms up the new Field House stage with fiery Flamenco and romantic ballads - Babco*ck Ranch Telegraph (1)

Alex Fox relaxes with his acoustic guitar in front of an audience of about 55. STEVE MITSKAVICH / BABco*ck RANCH TELEGRAPH

Argentinian composer, musical arranger and master musician Alex Fox captivated an audience of about 55 with his warm personality and passionate Flamenco show in December at the Babco*ck Ranch Field House.

In his acoustic guitar performance, Mr. Fox took his new fans on a journey of music genres, adding fire that warmed the venue.

The Slater’s Goods & Provisions team served fresh sangria along with other spirits, soft drinks, and tapas-style appetizers, such as plantains, helping feed the soul and set the mood.

Attendees were seated at round tables draped with white tablecloths. The Field House was transformed into a cabaret setting, suitable for a romantic date night for couples and groups of friends spanning several generations, including Florin and Teodora Niculescu celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary.

Residents of the Edgewater neighborhood, the Niculescus were entertaining visiting relatives from Romania, their native country. The language of music transcended any language barrier as they mingled with the other guests.

Mr. Fox has fun with Vikki Crnekovic and Dorcas McDonal.

According to Teodora, the evening was one of “pure love.” She arranged for the tickets to the concert as a surprise gift to her husband for the anniversary. “We love music and dancing, and when I saw this opportunity advertised, I couldn’t resist it,” she said.

Opening with “All I Ask of You,” from “The Phantom of Opera” musical, the house lights were dimmed and color-changing light pucks hidden under each table provided soft illumination, erasing the functional gym setting and adding an intimate, feel to the stage and seating area. Mr. Fox added his Latin twist to the enchanting ballad for a spicy flavor.

“I’m basically a composer who also enjoys sharing music and playing to live audiences,” Mr. Fox said. “As a musician, I have to practice guitar every day, so why not play for other people to hear it? I spend so much time working on my own compositions and arranging music from other composers. It is so nice to perform for an audience here tonight.”

The performer encouraged people to dance, and they gradually warmed up to doing just that as the evening progressed and the music overcame them, just as it did to the characters in “The Phantom of the Opera.”

Before playing one of his stated personal favorites, the theme from “The Godfather,” Mr. Fox introduced his guitar. “I love this instrument.

We have traveled the world together performing in Europe, the Middle East, all over. When I was 9 years old my mother asked me what instrument I wanted to learn. She wanted me to play the piano, but I had my sights set on being a traveling performer. And you can’t take your own piano with you. But, a guitar, yes.”

It was evident by his expressive and emotive performance that the music flows through him. He and his guitar seem to have a connection that extends beyond it being a mere instrument.

Mr. Fox was at home in the cabaret setting. As a long-time resident of Miami, he gained a following by playing in the cafes and small venues in the South Beach Art Deco area. He clearly enjoyed stepping down from the stage and serenading individuals and couples at their tables.

Although Mr. Fox said he is not essentially a flamenco guitarist, he demonstrated the give and take of energy between himself and the audience, characteristic of that style. First drawing the people into his vibe with sweet tones, then releasing the passion of classic Spanish guitar, he brought them to their feet with applause. As it has been described in theater, by the end of his energetic performance the exhausted but happy guitarist left it all on the stage.

As a teenager in Buenos Aires, Alex received a scholarship to train with the director of the Teatro Colon Orchestra where he learned to conduct and compose as well as earn a living teaching music and playing in his own band. He admired a wide variety of genres, including classical guitar, flamenco, the pop music of the Beatles, rumba rhythms of Gipsy Kings, and Brazilian music of Antonio Carlos Jobim. With a full scholarship to Miami Dade College, he continued his studies.

Mr. Fox produced eight CDs of his original music and has recorded with musicians such as Tito Puente and Julio Iglesias.

He has appeared on American and Spanish TV and film and served as a host at the Cannes musical scene. He and his sons David and Sebastian perform together as the Fox Trio.

Alex Fox warms up the new Field House stage with fiery Flamenco and romantic ballads - Babco*ck Ranch Telegraph (2024)
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